Meeks RV Logo Design

November 28th, 2017

Our friends recently acquired a dealership called Meeks RV Center wanted to establish it as a fresh new brand. The company is a dealer of camper and travel trailers and didn’t have much of a visual brand established. The new owners asked us to create a new logo to give this dealership a more professional and trustworthy visual identity.

Here are two logos they were provided with but felt that the looks were not quite what they wanted to represent their new company.

Our challenge was to create a professional new brand identity that represents their mission and creating a design that would appeal to their target market.

There are many key words that come to mind when thinking of a an RV dealership. When brainstorming on a design for a new logo, it’s important to make list of key words and phrases that best represent what the company is about. If we consider recreational vehicles, certain words come to mind such as: Outdoors, Camping, Travel, and Freedom. Continuing a bit deeper, it’s important to recognize the key words for a dealership such as: Professional, Trustworthy, Friendly, and Welcoming. With these key words in mind, we are able to start designing visuals that properly represent the company and their mission.

We started out by creating a few visual concepts in black and white to get a feel for what the new owners liked.

Next, we created a few color palettes and presented the chosen logos in full color.

The end result is a professional stylized logo that boasts both trust and respect.