Line-X Raptor 2017

November 3rd, 2017

This custom Ford Raptor was a collaboration with and built by Zero to 60 Designs in Corona, CA. Line-X is a company specializing in spray on truck bed liners but has also adapted their durable product to be a spray on protective coating for multiple purposes. Their product has been marketed as extremely durable, even blast proof!

Line-X asked for a promotional vehicle to showcase their newer line of Line-X Body Armor. A protective coating which can be mixed into any color and sprayed onto vehicle exteriors for added protection. This project consists of full custom composite body panels including front and rear fenders, hood, grill, and custom metal bumpers for their line called “Truck Gear”.

Take a look at the before and after of the hood design. The stock vent at the rear of the hood was removed and replaced with a vent at the front. The cowl was elevated 3″ to create a more aggressive look.



Here’s the rendering of the widened front and rear fenders and custom grill. We kept with the flow of the stock body lines but created a more edgy look with hard angles and a wider stance. The grill is unique due to the center line extending from headlight to headlight unlike the stock design. Custom “Line-X” lettering was added to appropriately brand the vehicle as a promotional Line-X truck.



Various bumper designs were created with regards to the stock look. Many options of the bumper edges or “wings” can be seen below. Ultimately the bumper was re-imagined due to manufacturing purposes.



Graphically we were challenged with coming up with a design that would be easy enough to mask and spray but also unique enough to appeal to a mass audience. This is not a digital print like other wraps, so the design must be simplified. Line-X may be handing off the title to someone in the future and wanted to create a timeless piece that was both cool and edgy but tame enough for daily use. Below are a few two- and three-color design concepts:



This custom Ford Raptor was unveiled at SEMA 2017 in the Line-X booth. Here are a few photos of the finished product at the show. If you have a dream car in mind, let us render it for you by contacting us today. If you like what you see, we can connect you with a team who can build it for you… from rendering to reality!