Ken Block style Ford Focus wrap

November 1st, 2015

Monster Wraps UK came to us asking for a wrap design similar to the one seen on Ken Block’s Ford Fiesta in the Gymkhana Series. We recreated some of the elements and styling and adapted it to fit a 4 door version of the Ford Fiesta which is a bit longer than the modified Fiesta used in the viral series.

The design was made with 100% vector graphics and built in Adobe Illustrator using a vehicle template. The benefit to using vector graphics is that they utilize coordinate points instead of pixels which will allow for unlimited scaling. It is because of this property that vector graphics will never pixelate or distort when used properly. Once the design was complete, we sized and scaled in Photoshop to create 54″ wide panel sections, printed on wrapping film, then installed on the car by Monster Wraps.

This design can be adapted to almost any vehicle with some minor edits for aesthetic purposes. If you like this design or would like something unique, you can browse our wrap blog,, or contact us directly.